ANED is governed by a Presidency and by a National Council.

The Presidency is composed of the National President Dario Venegoni, of the Vice Presidents Aldo Pavia and Tiziana Valpiana , in addition to the Treasurer Marco Balestra and by the General Secretary Leonardo Visco Gilardi.
The Presidency, following the statute’s norms, “sees to the execution of the deliberations of the National Council and has the right to check the activity of the sections,” as well as supervising ordinary administration.

The National Council is comprised of no more than 60 council members. It holds a reunion at least two times a year and maintains “deliberative power regarding all material concerning the life of the association.”
The National Congress is summoned by regulation every four years. The last  was reunited in Bolzano the month of November 2016.

The Association edits a newspaper, “Triangolo Rosso” (Red Triangle), which is distributed 4 times a year exclusively by subscription. The newspaper is directed by an editorial staff. The Chief Editor is Giorgio Oldrini, son of Abramo, survivor of Bolzano Camp.



Casa della Memoria
Via Federico Confalonieri 14
20124 Milano
Tel. 02 683342
Offices are open from 9 am to 1 pm mon-fri